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The WeBWorK question preview pane in Moodle.
The question bank panel in Moodle with the WeBWorK question type.
The WeBWorK question editing section in Moodle.

This application is a question type within Moodle. It allows WeBWorK questions to be used in various modules in Moodle. Most notably you can assign WeBWorK questions within a Moodle quiz. This allows a teacher to assign timed quizzes for homework, weekly problem sets, and/or practice exercises. From the perspective of a user who is new to WeBWorK or already comfortable with Moodle this is the recommended application for integration with WeBWorK.


  • Ability to ask WeBWorK questions in Moodle Quizzes.
  • Supports a very large majority of preexisting WeBWorK questions.
  • Ability to mimic a WeBWorK problem set by setting Moodle Quiz options correctly.
  • Email Instructor functionality.
  • WeBWorK system installation is not needed.
  • Debugger for the creation of WeBWorK questions.
  • Simple to install and configure.
  • Designed in a distributed fashion to allow for load balancing on large sites.

Differences with WeBWorK 2

Implementing WeBWorK as a question type in Moodle allows the use of the Moodle quiz features. Yet Moodle has its own limitations in comparison to the base WeBWorK system. Due to the constrained amount of flexibility in what Moodle allows a question type to do, the following features from the original WeBWorK system are absent.

  • Printing quizzes like a PDF.
  • Questions with external files (e.g. static images, datasets).

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Designed by Matthew Leventi at the University of Rochester. Kudos to Mike Gage, Arnold Pizer, University of Rochester ITS, Jean-Marc Roy, Andrew Sveikauskas, Andrew Ziobro, Spyro Roubos, Matthew Conomos and others.