OPL3 Design Notes

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  • Name change
  • Move to git
  • Metadata clean up, bug fixes
  • Roadmap
  • Coding standards, validatation


  • Language support - how to do?
  • Deployment
  • Versioning - track WeBWorK versions?
  • Acceptance Script - check syntax, formatting, metadata, variants
  • Automatic testing - check that PG generate works for multiple seeds
  • Bulk spell-check
  • Automatic tagging (keyword extraction)
  • What taxonomies, vocabularies - single or multiple, free or fixed...
  • Workflow support
  • Issue tracking

Additional metadata[edit]

 * Language
 * Level (grade, year)
 * Difficulty
 * Book references
 * Learning Objectives
 * Variant
 * Subject classification
 * original file path


Guiding principles[edit]

The arrangement of files within the OPL is independent of how problems and sets will display or be organized in the problem-set editor/library browser.

The principle goal of the directory structure in the OPL is to make it easy for individual and institutional maintainers to maintain their collections of contributed files. The decision on whether to submit as an institution or individual should be based on whether responsibility for the maintenance of the file belongs to the institution (file may be maintained by someone other than the original contributor) or an individual.

  • The file path will not be used as metadata. Metadata should be explicitly added to each problem
  • The format and metadata for contributed files must comply with the WOPL community standards.
  • Problems and aggregations of problems should have an active maintainer. The WOPL community

will maintain files for which there is no current active maintainer.

  • filenames will be represented in UTF8 to support diverse languages and applications

Structure of the OPL[edit]

Here's a proposal for a structure for the Problems directory.

     author-or-institution  (edu.rochester.math, ca.ubc.math, djun.m.kim)
       group (all, free-books, courses)
         collection (challenge-problems, thomas-calculus, UBC-Math-110)
           set (8.2, differentiation)
             problem (8.2.15, composition-01)
               problem-resources (pg file, flash, applet, images, .po files)