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alias() -- locating external resources[edit]

  • -- finding external resources for a question
    • ( does something similar searching for macro files)
    • findAppletCodebase() also does something similar
    • use unique ID file names -- so you can't snoop things like psvn numbers, login names and so forth
    • factor code so that a greater variety of resource types can be added easily currently we have .html, .png, .gif -- I think svg, jpeg, could be added and ???
    • save the paths to resources used so that we can add some facility to download the resources as well as the question on export -- this will facilitate sharing problems.
    • if applets are referenced they should be indexed in a similar manner.

Answer blanks[edit]

  • Answer blank handling --,


  • Update and consolidate the handling of matrices
    • There are currently at least two types.
      • MathObject matrices -- which are essentially Matrix valued Formulas -- they do at best simple calculating but their input output mechanisms are pretty good.
      • A subclass (Matrix) of from CPAN. The subclass handles complex numbers, and does a good deal of matrix numerical analysis (LR decomposition and so forth)
      • The namespaces of the two types of matrices interfere with each other so they are hard to use together -- that would be the first order of business -- disambiguate the two.
    • Fix the coloring of answer blanks so that works with matrices as well.

Graphic commands and objects[edit]

  • Implement tizk() graphics command (see Paul Pearson's design)

Ongoing adjustments to Applet API[edit]