PREP 2011 Notes June 26

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Contributing to Webwork

Mike Gage

Examples of other things that are available

  • Using iframes will allow virtually anything to be displayed inside a webwork problem
  • Making embedded apps interact with webwork still involves some technical issues
  • The wiki needs to be organized. This is a place where you can volunteer.


Consultant Training

  • Next one at Mathfest in Lexington
  • Training trainers to go out to show others how to use Webwork and why it might be useful
  • Run two outreach sessions within two years after the training


  • Survey of the workshop
  • Survey of all users of Webwork


  • Encourage users to publish articles regarding the use of Webwork
  • Encourage users to at least share examples of what they do
  • Collecting research papers on Webwork on the wiki. Opportunity for a volunteer.

Michael Pearson

Refreshments are still available!

Getting Webwork!

  • MAA continues to develop a hosting platform
  • MAA working on a formal hosting policy
    • Up to 100 students is still free for any institution
    • Members of the PREP workshop should contact Michael if they have particular needs.

JeffH, JohnJ

Problem Library

  • Reporting Bugs is important.
  • PLEASE submit bug reports so that problems can be fixed.
  • Growth of the problem library. Needs tighter control eventually.
  • Need folks to volunteer to curate specific sections of the library. Perhaps involving the creation of an "Editorial Board" for the library.

Status Reports

Plans for continuing the work