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Paragraph breaks

To create a paragraph break in PGML simply use a blank line. So

 This is paragraph one.
 This is paragraph two.

has to paragraphs. More than one blank line is treated as a single blank line. Blank lines also end lists, indentation, and other special formats.

Line breaks

The line breaks within the BEGIN_PGML/END_PGML block normally are ignored; lines that follow each other usually are joined together into one paragraph. So

 This is a paragraph with two
 lines in the PG file.

will produce one paragraph. The line breaks in that paragraph will be determined by the available space on the user's screen, not the position of line breaks in the PG file.

This applies to line breaks within special formatting blocks, such as headers, indentation, etc. So

 ## These two lines
 will be combined. ##

will produce a header with one line.

Forced line breaks

If you want to force a line break without ending the paragraph, end the line with two spaces. So

 This is a paragraph with two__
 lines in the PG file and the output.

would produce two lines in the output (here the two spaces are indicated by underscores, but they should be spaces).