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Wish List for Courses Before Calculus:

  • A way to check for factors of polynomials in the way students would write them (in one answer box).
  • Allow students to enter intervals in interval or inequality notation
  • Make a way for answers to be checked for format. e.g. a student could be required to enter the equation for a line in slope-intercept form, or in another situation, in standard form.
  • Make a Fraction class in Reals and a Rational class in Functions.
  • How about a Piecewise class in Functions?
  • Make a way to check for currency: e.g. allow $23,211.45. NOTE: Davide made a Scientific Notation class in the Reals: Example using Scientific Notation, Code.
  • Be able to set accuracy for numbers calculated and displayed in the problem text and correct answer, i.e. for the "instructor" side.

Overall: Many issues for these lower level courses are a matter of formatting.