Prep 2011 workshop Linear Algebra Documentation Draft

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Note: This is still in draft mode (still under construction).

  • Course Manifest
    • README file
    • Syllabus
    • A tar gzip (.tgz) file which contains the following:
      • course_info.txt file,
      • the set definition and header files for each of the included homework assignments,
      • the custom problems and edits that are not yet in the NPL.

  • We used the following texts as references:
    • "Linear Algebra and its Applications" by David C. Lay, 3rd edition.
    • "Linear Algebra, a Geometric Approach" by Shifrin and Adams, 2nd edition.
    • "Linear Algebra, a Modern Introduction" by David Poole, 3rd edition.
    • "Linear Algebra with Applications" by Garreth Williams, 6th edition.
    • "Elementary Linear Algebra" by Anton and Rorres, 10th edition (abridged).