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Set Detail Help Page[edit]


The Set Detail page can be viewed in one of three distinct modes:

  • All students
  • One specific student
  • Many students

This should be quite clear at the top of the page. If one or more of the students selected has not had this set assigned to them, then those students will be ignored (they are listed). This can be fixed if needed by clicking on the link [# x users] or the navigation link [# Set Assigner]

Note: There is a subtle difference between editing a set for an entire class and editting it for every student in the set at once. If you select all the students and edit the set for all of them, any new students added after those changes will get the old, unchanged information. Unless you have good reason, it is best to edit the set in general.


  • [#form Form buttons]
  • [#general General Information]
  • [#headers Headers]
  • [#problems Problems]

Form buttons[edit]

Save Changes
Occurs twice on the page, at the top and the bottom.
Any and all changes made to any part of the set will be saved with one important exception: When editting the set for one or more students, you can choose to override the default value (defined for the set in general) by clicking on the checkbox and providing a value (or possibly leaving a blank). If you do NOT check the checkbox, the override value will be discarded. Example:
Weight 1
Weight 1
The first value of 2 will be discarded because the checkbox is not checked.
Reset Form
Discards any and all changes, reloading the page by re-reading the database information for this set. Also, resets the display modes.
Refresh Display
You can maintain a different display mode for the headers and for the problems if you want.
"Refresh Display" does not commit any of the changes currently in the form, but it also does not reset the form so you can safely change the display mode without making any permanent changes to the set and without losing any work up to that point. Example:
Display Mode: plainTextformattedTextimagesjsMathasciimathNone 
Change display mode to "images"
Reorder problems only
Sometimes it could be necessary to want to change the order of the problems in a set without actually make any changes to the information about that problem. This can even be done individually for one or more students. If all you want to is reorder the problems, this is much faster than "Save Changes". However, any changes made in the form and not yet saved will be lost.
Add blank problem template
Adds a new problem essentially blank problem to the homework set when the homework set is saved. You can modify this to create your own problem, by clicking on the "Edit it" link and saving the "" to some new file, e.g. "".

General Information[edit]

All of the paths for problem files are relative to the templates directory of the current course. You can access this directory "directly" using the File Manager page.