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This article has been retained as a historical document. It is not up-to-date and the formatting may be lacking. Use the information herein with caution.


The WeBWorK Team is pleased to announce the release of WeBWorK 2.0 Preview Release 2. While it is intended primarily for testing, development, and evaluation of the new system, it is also suitable for use in live courses.

This release includes almost all of the functionality of WeBWorK 1.9, and contains new functionality beyond what it possible with 1.9. New features since PreviewRelease1 include:

  • implementation of a complete set of instructor tools
    • user, set, and problem editing
    • mail merge
    • scoring
    • statistics
    • "act as student" feature
  • hundreds of bug fixes
  • many optimizations (esp. in database code)
  • fast image generation (using dvipng)
  • attempt logging and viewing
  • SQL database support
  • support for optional cookie-based authentication
  • automatic guest login
  • preliminary support for remote PG rendering

This is by no means a complete list. The long stretch of time between PreviewRelease1 and this release has made compiling a changelog difficult.


This release has been split into two tarballs. One for the WeBWorK system itself, and one for the PG system, including a standard set of PG modules and macro files.

Files are available below and on our SourceForge project page:

Tarball MD5 Sum
webwork-2.0pr2.tar.bz2 50f9bc5eec493f73e8f2a0769ca0d09e
webwork-2.0pr2.tar.gz 83e28cd5a35c3a028ef7f4c6fc145c7d
pg-2.0pr2.tar.bz2 50f9bc5eec493f73e8f2a0769ca0d09e
pg-2.0pr2.tar.gz 83e28cd5a35c3a028ef7f4c6fc145c7d


Documentation on installing and configuring WeBWorK is available on this wiki and in the README file included in the distribution. The relevant wiki topics are as follows:

  • InstallNotes
    • SystemRequirements
    • DirectorySetup
    • ApacheSetup
    • SystemConfig
    • MiscConfig
    • CourseCreation

Please keep in mind that the above topics will evolve over time and may diverge from the documentation in the README file included in the distribution.


If you need help installing or using WeBWorK 2.0, visit the WeBWorK discussion group and post your question there. The developers monitor this forum.

Bug Reports & Feature Requests

Submit bug reports and feature requests at We can't fix bugs and add features if you don't tell us about them!


In general, don't submit patches against PR2. Instead, check out the latest development version from CVS and patch against that. Consult the WeBWorKCVS topic for more information.

-- Main.SamHathaway - 05 Jan 2004