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Roadmap for webwork development[edit]

WeBWorK is primarily installed for or at educational institutions, which require their installations to be stable during the school term (August through May). Hence major releases of WeBWorK will be scheduled to be released in early Summer, to allow time for installation, testing, and migration over the summer break.

This consideration leads to the following tentative Roadmap.

Date Release Notes
Dec 15, 2012 WeBWorK 3.0.0_alpha First (unstable) limited release for early access review and testing by experienced users/administrators
Mar 15, 2013 WeBWorK 3.0.0_beta First release of beta version for testing by wider base of early adopters.
Jun 15, 2013 WeBWorK 3.0.0_rc First release candidates, for migration testing and final acceptance.
July 15, 2013 WeBWorK 3.0.0 Official release.

created and edited at code camp WeBWorK::Rochester June 2012