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Category: {{{category}}}
Status {{{status}}}
Description {{{desc}}}
File Name {{{filename}}}
File Path {{{filepath}}}
Download {{{download}}}
Code Docs {{{docs}}}
NPL Example {{{example}}}
Comments: {{{comments}}}

Template Documentation

This template is to provide a helpful information box on pages which document WeBWorK macros. Usage:

|name=Macro Name
|category=Macro Category
|status=Macro Status
|desc=A short description
|filename=Macro Filname
|filepath=Macro Filepath
|example=NPL path to example
|comments=Any comments you have
Parameter Values
Name The name of the macro
Status Standard, Deprecated, others?
Category MathObject, Graphics, SelectList, etc. (Same as in Moodle DB)
Description A concise (one sentence or less) description of the macro
File Name The name of file containing the macro
File Path The path to the file relative to WEBWORK_ROOT
Download A direct link to the file
Code Docs A direct link to the POD documentation.
NPL Example An example from the NPL.
Comments Deprecated? Alternatives? Any other comments?