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WeBWorK File: {{{1}}}
Location: {{{2}}}
Source code: • [[viewvc:system/trunk/{{{2}}}{{{1}}}|HEAD]] ([[wwpod:webwork2_TRUNK/{{{2}}}{{{1}}}.html|pod]])

• [[viewvc:system/tags/rel-2-4-9-1/{{{2}}}{{{1}}}|rel-]] ([[wwpod:webwork2_rel-2-4-9-1/{{{2}}}{{{1}}}.html|pod]])


  • FILENAME is the name of the file, including extension.
  • PATH is the path to the file including trailing slashes, but not leading slashes
  • The NotInSVN argument is optional and should only be used if the file is not in SVN. REASON is the reason that is displayed in the infobox. Note that 'NotInSVN' is case sensitive!

Be careful not to include spaces on either side of the PATH/FILE parameters.


{{WW file|global.conf.dist|webwork2/conf/}}
WeBWorK File: global.conf.dist
Location: webwork2/conf/
Source code: HEAD (pod)

rel- (pod)