Troubleshooting Header Files

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Some header files are meant only to be used for HTML presentation to the screen or only for TeX presentation as hard copy. Some header files e.g. are written as .pg problems and can be used in either mode. (A model for this kind of header file is at webwork2/conf/snippets/

Header files are chosen from the "Hmwk Sets Editor" page. You can view the current header file for each problem set from that page, and by selecting one or more sets and choosing edit you will obtain a pop-up editor which allows you to change the header file. Selecting the system default gives you file above which cannot be edited. You can independently select a header file for HTML (set header) and for TeX output (hardcopy header).

You can edit the contents of the HTML set header files by clicking [Edit] when viewing the problem set's first page. You cannot currently edit the hardcopy header files from the web (without some trickery).

Using dual mode files such as has the advantage that it behaves exactly like an ordinary problem (but no answer blanks) and you only need to edit information in one file.

Using separate files for the HTML screen presentation and for the TeX hardcopy presentation makes it easier to allow instructors to edit HTML content without hurting the presentation of the hardcopy version. The downside is that one has to edit information in two places if you want the information printed in the hardcopy output as well.