Troubleshooting the Library Browser

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The most common issues with the Library Browser stem from problems with AJAX calls within the page. This can be most commonly seen from two symptoms:

  1. When you select a Subject from the drop-down menu, the Chapters do not automatically populate
  2. Clicking the "Add" button next to a problem has no effect

The most common causes (and cures) for this behaviour are:

  • The variable $server_root_url is not properly set in site.conf. Make sure that this is set to the root URL of the system. If you are serving pages via https, make sure that this URL also includes https
  • (Primarily for Red Hat/CentOS/Scientific Linux systems) Your system may have an outdated version of the perl package used to handle https connections. Uninstall the package perl-LWS-Protocol-https using the package manager, and install LWP::Protocol::https using CPAN

If the above suggestions do not work, you can get a little more information about what is causing the issue from a couple of sources:

  • Within your browser, open the javascript console (instructions differ from browser to browser, but it is usually in a menu called something like "Developer Tools"). Watch to see what errors appear in the console when you choose a Subject from the drop-down menu, or when you click the "Add" button next to a problem.
  • Check the apache error logs on your server to see if any errors are recorded while performing the above actions.

(Sam) My computer guy changed one line in the site.conf file and now everything works perfectly. I don't have the exact details, but apparently the website was set to localhost instead of the real link.