Unit Testing

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Create automated tests to insure that WeBWorK is configured and functioning properly.

  • Unit testing tutorials
  • Unit testing modules (Michael Schwern and Andy Lester )
    • Test::Tutorial http://search.cpan.org/dist/Test-Simple/lib/Test/Tutorial.pod
    • Test::Harness
    • Test::More
    • Test::Exception
    • Test::HTML::Lint
    • Test::Simple (frame work for creating test modules)
    • Test::Pod
    • Test::LongString
    • Test::WWW::Mechanize
    • Test::File (testing file attributes)
    • Test::Mail (tests programs that send and receive mail)
  • (While not a perl module the Mac program Fake can be used to automate testing of a web site)

Things to Test[edit]

Probably easy to start with[edit]

  • Permissions
  • Database

Manual Unit Tests[edit]