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About me


I've been a WeBWorK user since 2009, and a contributor to open source projects since 1988. I was recently chagrined to discover that my first web application (written in Perl CGI in 1995 or so) is still being used. My most recent contributions have been to the Drupal project (a content-centric web application framework written in PHP). I completed a combined honours degree in Math/Comp. Sci, and went on to obtain my Ph.D. in Mathematics from UBC.

I've worked for over 10 years as a commercial software developer, mostly in the area of web application development. I've worked in import and export, single-source multiple-output publishing, just-in-time training applications, search integration, rapid prototyping, visualization, code complexity metrics, natural language applications.

Recently I've returned to UBC Mathematics to research teaching and learning in Mathematics. My research interests are: Technology in support of differentiated instructional strategies, cognitive load theory, curriculum.

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