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My name is Dr. Matthew Burge and I'm an Assistant Professor of Teaching at the University at Buffalo in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) department. I'm primarily responsible for teaching MAE335: Fluids Mechanics and MAE336: Heat Transfer that I feel could greatly benefit from using WebWork for their homework. These two classes are core junior level classes and see populations of 370+ students spread over 4 sections in a given semester. This makes providing feedback on homework a large time investment that we currently hire student assistants for, but the turnaround still takes up to 3 weeks as these student assistants have their own coursework to balance. I also teach MAE339: Aerospace Engineering Laboratory which is a unique lab course that I developed for our Aerospace Engineering majors, utilizing experimental equipment such as a teaching-grade wind tunnel and slow speed water channel to visualize aerodynamic phenomena and perform relevant force measurements. Further, I'm acting chair of the Student Excellence and Diversity committee that meets monthly to brainstorm ways of celebrating student excellence and improving the demographic imbalance in MAE.