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Video Conferences on WeBWorK topics[edit]

Instructions for joining video conference[edit]

Video conference instructions

Upcoming Video Conference Topics[edit]

Planned schedule: alternate Wednesdays: 5PM EDT, 4PM CDT, 3PM MDT, 2PM PDT unless otherwise noted

Viewing video conferences[edit]

Warning : Use firefox to view these videos to avoid any hassle. As of June 18, Safari, Chrome and IE also seem to work (at least on the lastest videos)

but may not play the videos properly (YMMV). Camino works.

We're not sure about IE. Have patience. We'll tweak the video player extension until it works in all browsers.

Past Video Conference Topics[edit]

Suggested Web Conference Topics[edit]

potential video conference topics

(x indicates that it has been discussed at least once so far -- later we'll try to replace this with dates and links)

  • Assessment -x
    • What has been done so far
    • Assessment issues
    • Assessment tools and protocols. What is available, what is needed?
  • Authoring issues:
    • MathObjects - x
    • AppletObjects API - xx
    • GraphObjects API - x
    • how to draw pictures using GD
    • tableObject
    • Interface for Sequential Problems (MultiPart) Robin Cruz, Ken Apell,
    • Merge the original Matrix definitions into the MathObjects matrices
      • The main effect would allow more operations with matrix valued objects.
      • Do matrices take complex MathObjects at the moment?
    • Simplified entry
      • PGML--hardcopy is working now -x
      • Daniel Graham xml version
      • Molzon U. of Kentucky
  • Organization
    • time for WeBWorK conferences - x
    • topics to discuss -- ongoing
    • other organization principles
    • recruit community organizers using conferences?
  • Course and site management
    • Handling large volumes of email -- gmail approach --Paul Pearson x
    • Creating Gateway tests -- Gavin LaRose x
  • Bridges -- interoperate with other software
    • Administering WeBWorK at large schools -- writing scripts, other issues x
    • Moodle integration -- bridge 1 M. Leventi & M. Gage xx
      • I could demo the Linear algebra course --Mike
      • Also discusses workshop and webwork integration --Mike and Vicki Roth
    • Moodle integration -- bridge 2 M. Leventi
    • Blackboard integration M. Gage
  • Using webwork in computer science --- Christelle Scharff
  • National Problem Library --- management issues
    • Designing a procedure for submitting questions to the library
    • Tagging problems
    • Cleaning, creating and organizing tag names.
    • Discussion of how best to upload problems to the National Problem Library
  • Creating collections of questions
    • Project -- getting UCSB stewart problems tagged
    • QA of model Calculus problems -- on hosted2
      • a model calculus course
    • Physics problems on hosted.
      • Entry Project: Edit the "set0" for each set to describe the subject matter of the problems in the set.
  • WeBWorK software fundamental overhaul/maintenance
    • ease of use topics -- Arnie Pizer
    • Basic PG code overhaul
    • Basic User interface overhaul
    • Basic Database overhaul
    • Redesign database -- (make it look more like moodle) (M Leventi and S. Hathaway)
  • Documentation
    • Rework the standard CSS so that it is more regular and a better model
      • Make more examples of CSS variants
      • Create HowTo customize the CSS -- perhaps this is a screen cast -- not a video conference
    • Making screencasts -- list of desired topics
      • prospective
        • using the "instructor tools" link
        • Creating gateway quiz sets
      • completed
        • Creating and configuring a webwork course
        • Adding many students to your course
        • Adding Homework Sets.