Moodle Integration

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Currently there are two ways to integrate WeBWorK with Moodle. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Moodle Assignment provides a loose coupling between WeBWorK and Moodle which allows a student in a Moodle course to enter the corresponding WeBWorK course without reauthorization. In addition the grades from the WeBWorK course are automatically entered into the Moodle gradebook. This WeBWorK-Moodle integration has been used for some time including in large class settings. The instructor needs a knowledge of both Moodle and WeBWorK in order to prepare homework sets and should construct the links below for tips on how to make the two programs work well together. The student integration works well. This WeBWorK/Moodle connection is at use at the University of Rochester, Ohio State University and several other institutions.

The Moodle Question Type embeds WeBWorK functionality into a mathematics question type that can be used in Moodle quizzes. WeBWorK's ability to analyze answers to mathematics questions and all of the questions in the WeBWorK question bank become available for use within Moodle. Users more comfortable with Moodle and the Moodle Quiz module will probably prefer the Question Type. At present this is a beta installation. Not every WeBWorK question can be delivered through the Moodle Quiz interface and there are certain features of WeBWorK homework (such as extending individual due dates) that are not yet available in the moodle quiz. The are not yet methods for batch importing and exporting of new questions.