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Welcome to WeBWorK Integration Wiki. This site is the main source of information on the integration of WeBWorK with different course management systems. Information about WeBWorK connections to Moodle is available here.

WeBWorK Within Moodle

Your going to need to install two applications. More information about each of them can be found on this wiki at:


Hello all. Some people have been inquiring about when a version for Moodle 1.9 will be out. Currently, I am going to be finished with school at the beginning of May. Hence I hope to have a version posted by May 15th or shortly thereafter. This will also include the badly needed fixes to the importer as well as external file support.

  • The current SVN version for WWMQT is rev. 21
  • The current SVN version for WWQS is rev. 7
  • There are new stable releases of WWQS and WWMQT. If you are planing on teaching a course with this software for Spring 2008 please use these releases.
  • The new wiki setup is more restrictive due to spam problems in the past. To modify pages you will have to create an account.
  • There now is a forum for both the WWQS and WWMQT Forum. Please use the forum for any issues at all, I will be checking it daily.

Known Bugs

  • Moodle 1.9 is not yet supported.
  • Importer fails on certain Linux distributions.