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The WeBWorK Question Server, abbreviated WWQS, is a lite version of the full installation of WeBWorK. It has fewer dependencies and is easier to setup. The server is used by the Moodle Question Type. The idea behind WWQS is that it allows people using Moodle and soon hopefully other LMS systems to be able to easily install plugins that depend on the WWQS here at Rochester. This means that someone can get WeBWorK within Moodle very easily.


  • Lightweight Stateless SOAP Server.
  • Renders WeBWorK PG code into HTML.
  • Creates images of math equations.
  • Checks student answers.
  • Easier installation than WeBWorK Base System.
  • Uses the same PG libraries as WeBWorK.

Running Servers[edit]

If you do not wish to install a WeBWorK Question Server on your own machine you can use a communal server by using one of the WSDL paths listed below. Yet if you have a high volume site it is recommended that you install a server locally.


More detailed procedure: WeBWorK Question Server Installation.


The WeBWorK Question Server was designed by Matthew Leventi at the University of Rochester. Kudos to Mike Gage, Sam Hathaway, Arnold Pizer, David Cervone, Spyro Roubos, Jean-Marc Roy, and others.