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Problems and problem libraries PG macro reference This database contains all of the standard macros defined for the PG language. Individuals can always add their own macros for special purposes.

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WeBWorK references WeBWorK references References to WeBWorK
  • in passing -- while mentioning other educational software
  • short -- one paragraph references,
  • long -- longer descriptions or complete articles on some aspect of WeBWorK
  • citations -- citations of a WeBWorK site or a central WeBWorK article
47 -
WeBWorK Servers WeBWorK site list This is a list of registered WeBWorK servers 0 -
WeBWorK server hardware specifications A partial list of servers with their hardware specifications and the size of student body served. 0 -
WeBWorK Funding WeBWorK funding A database listing those projects that have been funded by outside agencies -- principally the NSF. 0 -