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John P Curran - Where's blankCourse

John P Curran - Where's blankCourse

by Arnold Pizer -
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Where's blankCourse topic started 8/16/2002; 4:06:35 AM
last post 8/18/2002; 2:57:18 AM
userJohn P Curran - Where's blankCourse  blueArrow
8/16/2002; 4:06:35 AM (reads: 1097, responses: 2)
We have finished installation from webwork_1.7_02-October-19-2001.tar.gz, up to the point of setting up a demo course. We can't find the blankCourse file anywhere in the setup, however. What have we missed?

Thanks in advance.

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userMichael Gage - Re: Where's blankCourse  blueArrow
8/16/2002; 8:43:12 PM (reads: 1369, responses: 0)

I'm not sure what happened to blankCourse in the distribution, but I've tarred up a copy of the version we have on our server. You can reach it at:

from the download page

You can also look for missing or out of date files at

Hope this helps.

-- Mike

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userArnold K. Pizer - Re: Where's blankCourse  blueArrow
8/18/2002; 2:57:18 AM (reads: 1387, responses: 0)

You should find blankCourse under .../webwork/courses/, i.e.


This is where actual course directories go.

You should put links to actual course directories under .../webwork/system/courses/ . Initially, as shipped, .../webwork/system/courses/ is empty. Most likely this is where you were looking when you didn't find blankCourse.


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