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John Jones - Global::tie_hash

John Jones - Global::tie_hash

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicGlobal::tie_hash topic started 8/27/2002; 7:56:42 AM
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userJohn Jones - Global::tie_hash  blueArrow
8/27/2002; 7:56:42 AM (reads: 578, responses: 0)
Hi again,

My apache error log has several instances of:

Undefined subroutine &Global::tie_hash called at /ud/webwork/base/system/lib// line 198.

I see that Global::tie_hash is called at line 198 of and that tie_hash is defined in the file $DBtie_file = '',

Where is it put into the Global name space?

OK, I think I see the answer. It is defined in the course setup file. The errors probably come from people hitting with an invalid course name. There seems to be some correlation between errors of this type in the log, but it is not a bijection.


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