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Problems with webwork moodle bridge

Problems with webwork moodle bridge

by Steven McKay -
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If this is the wrong place to post this, I apologize. I have a test server (that I would dearly like to be the production server) running moodle 1.8.3. I am trying to install WebworkQuestionType and WebworkMoodleAssignment.

I'm not having much luck. When I installed the WebworkQuestionType (using the setup.pl file) it damaged the quiz module. Going into a quiz gave a blank page. I had to go into setup.pl to find the directories to delete so I could get exam functionality back. I am not enough of a programmer to be able to debug this. Has anyone else seen this?

When I installed WebworkMoodleAssignment, things seemed to go well, but when I tried to set up the webwork sets for a particular class, it told me it couldn't connect: the webwork2_wsdl link did not exist. I don't know what this is. Is this the wsdl file from the webwork question server, or something different? I did not install webwork on this server.

Thanks for your help,

S. McKay