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Changing "Courses" link on webwork pages

Changing "Courses" link on webwork pages

by Jeff Denny -
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We are getting a new installation of webwork up and running, and I would like to change the page that the "Courses" link on each webwork page points to. For example, I would like it to point to http://mathww.mercer.edu, which is a page that I create that lists all of our courses by instructor and time. Moreover, I would prefer that http://mathww.mercer.edu/webwork2 not be used as a link, so I can put experimental courses, test courses, etc. there.

Is there an easy way to make this change?


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Re: Changing "Courses" link on webwork pages

by Gavin LaRose -
Hi Jeff,

A couple of thoughts that may or may not actually answer your question:
1. I don't actually use the WeBWorK classes page for general access to WeBWorK. Instead, I have a separate page in the webserver's htdocs directory that points to the active courses that I want to have "obvious" to users. There are a couple of ways to do this, from just having a list of links to setting up a selector that allows users to pick a class from a list (e.g., the homework selector at

2. Whether or not you're doing that, you can hide courses so that they don't show up on the /webwork2/ page, by putting a file called "hide_directory" in the course directory. I do this routinely with the admin course and my template and sample courses.