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Jan-Åke Larsson - dvipng-0.4

Jan-Åke Larsson - dvipng-0.4

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inactiveTopicdvipng-0.4 topic started 7/3/2003; 7:09:32 AM
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userJan-Åke Larsson - dvipng-0.4  blueArrow
7/3/2003; 7:09:32 AM (reads: 616, responses: 0)
I have just released dvipng-0.4, for you who use the typeset2 mode. The changes this time are minor, but...

This release is mainly to provide documentation. It does also introduce "drift", compensating for rounding errors along the lines described in 'dvitype'. Also, on systems with a fairly new gd (>=2.0.14), the PNG compression can be specified on the commandline, the default is to opt for speed.

It has been tested but will probably need further testing. Report any bugs you find, see README for instructions.

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