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Michael McCooey - links to students' problems in feedback

Michael McCooey - links to students' problems in feedback

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopiclinks to students' problems in feedback topic started 8/22/2003; 3:27:41 PM
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userMichael McCooey - links to students' problems in feedback  blueArrow
8/22/2003; 3:27:41 PM (reads: 1044, responses: 1)
Hello, Webwork world.

I'm in the process of setting up my first webwork course as a guest on the webwork2 server. It seems that the html links in my test Feedback messages have a small error: they include (in my case) the string "&user=michael.mccooey", rather than "&user=mccooey".

The former seems to come from truncating the "" from the global feedback address in my file, wile the latter is my actual username in the webwork account.

Can I fix this myself, or does it require editing the script?


Mike McCooey Franklin and Marshall College

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userArnold K. Pizer - Re: links to students' problems in feedback  blueArrow
9/3/2003; 11:18:12 PM (reads: 1311, responses: 0)

Hi Mike,

Feedback can be sent to multiple people. For each one of them, we create a link to the student's problem at the bottom of the page.  When this link is created all we know is the email address to which the email was sent --- we don't know the login name of the recipiant (there is no function that links email addresses to logins --- email addresses don't have to be unique or even defined).  So we just assume that the email account name is the same as the webwork account login.  Usually this is the case or otherwise you would have seen tons of email on this topic.

The easiest solution is to change your webwork login to match your email account.  You could also create a dummy email account "mccooey"" and forward messages from that to your real account.



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