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Lars Jensen - dvipng, compiler warning

Lars Jensen - dvipng, compiler warning

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicdvipng, compiler warning topic started 2/5/2004; 3:59:43 PM
last post 2/6/2004; 11:36:12 AM
userLars Jensen - dvipng, compiler warning  blueArrow
2/5/2004; 3:59:43 PM (reads: 742, responses: 2)
Many problems result in the warning below when viewing them the first time in typeset2 mode. After the first viewing the issue goes away, i.e once the appropriate tmp files have been created in coursedir/html/tmp/ the problem displays right. Does anyone have a fix?  I'm running debian sarge. This apparently has been discussed in$1719
but I'm using dvipng v.0.9, and the fix suggested there seems to already be implemented in this version of dvipng.

Any ideas?


/usr/bin/latex jensen-prob11image.tex >>/dev/null 2>>/dev/null -- FAILED in ImageGenerator returned 256 at /usr/local/webwork/system/lib// line 189.

##More details:

-------- ImageGenerator::render called at /usr/local/webwork/system/cgi/cgi-scripts/ line 470

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userLars Jensen - Re: dvipng, compiler warning  blueArrow
2/6/2004; 1:58:46 AM (reads: 896, responses: 0)
This turned out to be a dvipng bug. dvipng doesn't like single backslashes in expressions like \( \ \)


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userArnold K. Pizer - Re: dvipng, compiler warning  blueArrow
2/6/2004; 11:36:12 AM (reads: 919, responses: 0)

Hi Lars,

This is a bug in WeBWorK which has just recently been fixed.  WeBworK stripped off all white space at the begining and end of mathematical (TeX) expressions.  However if a TeX expression ended in "\ " (i.e. backslash space), this resulted in an invalid TeX expression.  It's very rare to end an expression in "\ " but it is legal and WeBWorK should accept it and let it pass. It does now.

Since this is a rare occurance in problems, you could for now just edit the offending problems removing any "\ " frm the ends of expressions.


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