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Andrew L Vogel - processing results?

Andrew L Vogel - processing results?

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicprocessing results? topic started 2/25/2004; 2:08:19 PM
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userAndrew L Vogel - processing results?  blueArrow
2/25/2004; 2:08:19 PM (reads: 507, responses: 0)

Hi all,

We (Terry McConnell has) have converted our placement exam to webwork
problems. The exam consists of 50 questions, 25 algebra, 5
trigonometry, 6 analytic geometry, 10 Calculus I and 4 Calculus

The remaining step is to report to the student what are the
appropriate courses given how they've done on the test. I would
like to do this by adding a final webwork "question" to the
placement exam which asks them for their SAT math score. When they
submit this final answer I would like to process their entire test
results (the previous 50 questions) and return in their browser
window  a list of appropriate courses.

My first question is (before I start looking through the code):
How do I access the previous problems results (correct or not)?

My second question is:  After I've processed the results and
created a string containing the appropriate courses how can I send
that the the students browser?

Thanks for any help,  Andrew Vogel

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