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Sherman Wong - On-the-Fly Graphics Problem

Sherman Wong - On-the-Fly Graphics Problem

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicOn-the-Fly Graphics Problem topic started 4/20/2004; 8:02:56 AM
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userSherman Wong - On-the-Fly Graphics Problem  blueArrow
4/20/2004; 8:02:56 AM (reads: 836, responses: 2)
A colleague and I are testing out WeBWorK 2.0 PR3 for use beginning with the forthcoming summer.  We have written some PG scripts for exercises that more-closely match the text that a specific course is using.

My colleague wrote a PG script that uses on-the-fly graphics, i.e., the graphics file doesn't exist in the directory of the script before hand.  The graphics render correctly in the course where he originally created the script, but, when he created a new course and selected the same problem as part of a problem set for the new course,  the graphics don't appear and the fractured-graphics icon appears.

I would appreciate your assistance with this odd occurrence.

Thank you.
Sherman Wong

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userMichael Gage - Re: On-the-Fly Graphics Problem  blueArrow
4/20/2004; 8:59:21 AM (reads: 1062, responses: 1)
One needs more details to be sure, but the mostly likely occurence is that the url for the graphics and the location of the graph (in the temporary files storage area) don't match up.

This is probably a configuration problem for the new course, but it could also be a permissions problem where the webserver can't create or save the graph.

what is the url referred to by the fractured-graphics icon?


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userSherman Wong - Re: On-the-Fly Graphics Problem  blueArrow
4/21/2004; 3:12:23 PM (reads: 1292, responses: 0)

I had sent a message about the rendering problem to the person on the technology staff who has examined problems that I've had with the operation of WeBWorK v.2.  He got back to me earlier today after you sent your reply and had changed some permissions to various directories.

I subsequently revisited the course site where the problem had occurred and was pleased to see that the problem had been resolved.  The staff person told me that he has made changes to a shell script that he had created to automate the creation of the classes so that the problem should not re-occur.

Thanks again for you help.

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