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Answers not submitted / recorded

Answers not submitted / recorded

by Jeff Denny -
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Has anyone encountered the following problem. I understand that this student is using Firefox. Here are his comments:

every time I enter an answer and try to submit it, it comes up blank and is counted incorrect. I've checked and double checked my answers, and every now and then I can get an answer to go through, but not always. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
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Re: Answers not submitted / recorded

by Gavin LaRose -
Hi Jeff,

The short answer is "no." It's not clear to me what the precise description of the problem the student is having really is, though. Is the sequence of events that the student enters answers, clicks "check answers" (or "submit answers") and then the graded page has none of the answers that the student entered? Is the student having trouble with the length of time that the server is taking to respond? Perhaps most importantly, is he entering, pressing preview, then pressing "back" and then pressing "check" or "grade"?

The other thing that may be worth trying is having the student come by and try to replicate the problem where you can watch to see what's going on. It's somewhere between very unlikely and certainly not a WeBWorK bug.