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Gavin LaRose - updating class rosters

Gavin LaRose - updating class rosters

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicupdating class rosters topic started 1/11/2005; 10:17:21 AM
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userGavin LaRose - updating class rosters  blueArrow
1/11/2005; 10:17:21 AM (reads: 847, responses: 1)
Hi all,

I'm sure there's a good way of dealing with this (ok, so I'm not sure, but it seems likely that someone on this list ought to know if there is), but I'm not finding it.

Short version: I want to be able to update students' information (e.g., section and recitation numbers) using some option in the classlist editor, but it doesn't seem possible to do that without resetting passwords. Does anyone have a way of doing this?

Long version: I'm updating rosters in the course of the first week or so of the semester. To do this I generate an updated course .lst file, move it to the server, and then import users using the classlist editor. However, the options here don't let me do what I want: I can import users and replace existing ones, which resets course section information and what-have-you but also changes all of students' passwords back to their UM ID#, or I can just add new users, which doesn't reset course information such as section and recitation numbers. Is there any way to get around this (other than hacking the classlist editor module)?


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userMichael Gage - Re: updating class rosters  blueArrow
1/11/2005; 10:57:22 AM (reads: 1097, responses: 0)
Hi Gavin,

I suspect that this is a feature which is not yet implemented. It's one I also want, both in regard to this and in regard to grades on a scoring sheet. I'd describe it as a merge feature, where some data is updated, but not others.

Adding this feature to is a worthy effort if you have the time, but the quickest thing to do, without having to do too much checking, is to put in an option to disable the password update. Once that is done you can export the classlist, write a quick perl script hack to merge that classlist with the new registrar's list, then import the classlist back in to the database.

The other possibility, if you are using an sql database, is to write a script to plug section and recitation values directly into the database.

This is the best I can think of on short notice. Sorry there aren't quicker work arounds than this already available.

-- Mike

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