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Eugene (Bud) Boman - deleted problems get recreated for new student

Eugene (Bud) Boman - deleted problems get recreated for new student

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicdeleted problems get recreated for new student topic started 1/13/2005; 11:38:16 AM
last post 1/14/2005; 2:49:58 PM
userEugene (Bud) Boman - deleted problems get recreated for new student  blueArrow
1/13/2005; 11:38:16 AM (reads: 952, responses: 2)

I'm running WW 1.9 on a Debian server. I got my classlist installed, built some of the standard problem sets and then deleted some of the problems via the web-based problem set editor.

Along comes a late-admit student, so I entered him by hand. The existing problem sets got built for him and I thought all was good until a few days later when I looked at the 'Student Progress' page. It seems that WW built the entire set for the late-admit, including the ones I'd deleted. Also the original open and due dates are still in place for this student only.

I've solved the problem by editing the information on a student who was registered from the beginning but dropped the course. Basically I made gave the new-admit the older account which has all of hte right data.

My question: Is this something I caused somehow? Possibly when I built WW in the first place? Or is it a bug? Or is WW supposed to behave like this and I'm just not using it correctly?

-- Bud Boman

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userArnold K. Pizer - Re: deleted problems get recreated for new student  blueArrow
1/13/2005; 7:47:29 PM (reads: 1209, responses: 0)
Hi Bud,

With WeBWorK 1.9, when you build sets for new students, it uses the information in the set definition file. So if you delete problems, you should also modify the set definition file accordingly.

Note that deleteing problems may be a bit dangerous if students have already started doing the problems. E.g. it may mess up the records in the "fail safe" .sco files. These are almost never used (e.g. WeBWorK 2 has no such "fail safe" mechanism) but you never know. An alternative with a bad problem is to give everyone full credit for it and students like this better then removing the problem or chnaging it so that it's worth zero points.


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userEugene (Bud) Boman - Re: deleted problems get recreated for new student  blueArrow
1/14/2005; 2:49:58 PM (reads: 1221, responses: 0)
Ah! Thank you. All is clear now.

In the past I'd done most of this sort of thing by logging into the server and editing the files directly. As a result I was only peripherally aware that one *could* edit the set definition file through WW.

I'm now beginning to attract others to WW so I thought I should start doing things the way they will have to.

Thanks again, Arnie,

-- Bud

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