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Aaron Wootton - Adapting Problems from Hughes-Hallet Text Books

Aaron Wootton - Adapting Problems from Hughes-Hallet Text Books

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicAdapting Problems from Hughes-Hallet Text Books topic started 3/27/2005; 2:58:26 PM
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userAaron Wootton - Adapting Problems from Hughes-Hallet Text Books  blueArrow
3/27/2005; 2:58:26 PM (reads: 1207, responses: 1)
Hi Webwok users,

I am working with a group of people trying to put together a test bank of questions adapted from the Consortiuum Calculus texts by Hughes-Hallet et al. in webwork. In order to complete this project, we need the help of as many people as possible who may be interested in using such a question bank.

To avoid redundencies, our first task is to track down all questions which may have already been adapted into Webwork. The second task is to adapt a sample of the remaining questions from the text into Webwork.

In order to do this, we shall be relying upon the contributions of those who already use Webwork. Those who contribute questions they have already adapted or those who are interested in adaptig new questions would have full access to the question bank.

The task is clearly a rather large task, but as a Webwork user and a user of the Consortium texts myself, I think it would be extremely useful. If you have adapted questions into Webwork or would be interested in adapting questions, we would certainly appreciate your help.

Of course, one disadvantage of a large group working on such a project is that it could lead to many inconsistencies in notation, accuracy of answers etc. FOr this reason, we would have some central data base where all questions would be sent, and then each question could be checked by members of the McWG before being stored in the question bank.

Feel free to contact Douglas Quinney,, or me, Aaron Wootton,, if you have any questions about this project or if you would like to contribute.


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userWilliam Wheeler - Re: Adapting Problems from Hughes-Hallet Text Books  blueArrow
5/15/2005; 1:29:58 AM (reads: 1487, responses: 0)
At Indiana University Bloomington, we have an extensive problem bank of 450+ questions for chapters 1-7 of Hughes-Hallett et al "Applied Calculus". The questions have been used by approximately 1,400-1,900 students per semester for four years.


Bill Wheeler

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