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Peter Hein - HELP Chasing PIDs

Peter Hein - HELP Chasing PIDs

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicHELP Chasing PIDs topic started 8/2/2005; 10:03:37 AM
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userPeter Hein - HELP Chasing PIDs  blueArrow
8/2/2005; 10:03:37 AM (reads: 493, responses: 0)
I have been working with a resident un*x guru on this issue. I will try and keep it simple and straight forward.

WebWork works to a point for us. We can create classes, add users, etc. The problem occurs when trying to view problems. When we hit the view problems button, heading to the webwork2/MTH_test/instructor/setmaker/ directory, all that is returned is a blank page. The webwork menus are to the left, but the body of the page is blank.

After scouring the logs, we hit upon an error in the apache logs. [notice] child pid xxx exit signal Trace/BPT trap (5) - we can get this error everytime we try and view the problems as stated above.

We traced this to /usr/include/sys/singal.h as a signal trap error.

So it looks like there is a thread that apache is trying to run/start, but it dies. Is there anyway to monitor, trace, track, hunt down, processes strated by Apache? Has anyone seen anything like this before? Should I just start over?

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