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Lars Jensen - fun_cmp broken?

Lars Jensen - fun_cmp broken?

by Arnold Pizer -
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fun_cmp broken? topic started 9/20/2005; 3:04:25 PM
last post 9/20/2005; 7:07:39 PM
userLars Jensen - fun_cmp broken?  blueArrow
9/20/2005; 3:04:25 PM (reads: 354, responses: 1)
Is the fun_cmp evaluator broken in the webwork 2.1 ?

When I try for example the problem


the answer evaluator doesn't seem to care about the variable part of the answer. The correct answer is listed as:


but it takes 20000 as a correct answer. It also takes ((2)*x+20000) as correct... ((100)*x+20000) is marked incorrect!

-Or is this an artifact of the large numerical difference between the two numbers?


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userJohn Jones - Re: fun_cmp broken?  blueArrow
9/20/2005; 7:07:39 PM (reads: 467, responses: 0)
Hi Lars,

Yes, this is an artifact. Using

ANS(fun_cmp($CO, limits=>[(-$b-10)/$a, (-$b+10)/$a]));
ANS(fun_cmp($P, limits=>[($b-10)/($c-$a), ($b+10)/($c-$a)]));
assures checking so that the range of the 1st and 3rd parts is in [-10,10]. Then it will be more sensitive.


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