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login timeout

login timeout

by Lars Jensen -
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The login timeout in webwork seems to be quite short - I was testing a gateway quiz, and had it configured to allow 60 minutes to take the quiz. I also had it configured so all problems appear on a single page (I haven't tested whether this actually makes any difference). After about 39 minutes I clicked the "Grade" button, and up popped the webwork login screen. I got nervous that I'd lost everything, and I'm sure some students would panic too. After I logged in, however, it turned out that the quiz had been properly submitted.

Where is the login timeout defined? (The only thing on timeout I could find in global.conf had to do with ldap, which we're not using.) I'd like to change the login timeout - 2 hours seems like a more reasonable period.

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Re: login timeout

by Gavin LaRose -
Hi Lars,

The variable is defined in the global.conf file: it's the $sessionKeyTimeout variable, around line 720.

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Re: login timeout

by Miguel-Angel Manrique -
In case it is helpful to someone working with the modern WeBworK-- now the variable $sessionKeyTimeout can be found in defaults.config in the folder /opt/webwork/webwork2/conf/
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Re: login timeout

by Sean Fitzpatrick -
I'd like to resurrect this, since more people are probably looking at doing WeBWorK exams as part of their remote teaching.

The advice from Miguel-Angel works. But defaults.config is typically not a file one wants to edit: doing so will cause problems when updating via git.
Two questions on how to do this "better":

Is there a line we can add to localOverrides.conf or elsewhere (one of the files we're meant to edit)?
And can we adjust this on a course by course basis?
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Re: login timeout

by Danny Glin -

One should not edit defaults.config ever.

If you want to change any of the default settings server-wide, you can put the same command in localOverrides.conf.  In this case that would mean adding the following line to localOverrides.conf:

$sessionKeyTimeout = 7200;

Note that the time is in seconds, so adjust accordingly.

To change a setting for a single course, you can add the command to the course.conf file in that course's directory.

Note that some configuration options (including this one) can be set from within the WeBWorK interface by clicking on "Course Configuration".

These are the four places for WeBWorK configuration, in order of precedence (where the later ones override earlier ones):

defaults.config - Do not edit this file.  It will cause problems when you upgrade

localOverrides.conf - For global changes to any of the settings in defaults.config

course.conf - Configuration specific to a course not available through the web interface

simple.conf - Don't edit this file.  It is created by the "Course Configuration" page in the web interface

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Re: login timeout

by Glenn Rice -

You should not edit defaults.config, as it will cause problems when updating via git as you said.  Anything that is set in defaults.config can be set in localOverrides.conf, and that is where it should be done.  That will override anything in defaults.config.

Many of these settings can also be set on a course by course basis by editing the course.conf file in the course directory.  Of course that still requires admin access (not really though).

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Re: login timeout

by Sean Fitzpatrick -

Thanks, Danny and Glenn.

I don't know how I overlooked the inactivity timeout setting in the course configuration! That's obviously the first place to look for making the change.