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Matthew Lynn - Databases for new installation?

Matthew Lynn - Databases for new installation?

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicDatabases for new installation? topic started 8/3/2006; 5:18:14 PM
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userMatthew Lynn - Databases for new installation?  blueArrow
8/3/2006; 5:18:14 PM (reads: 173, responses: 2)
I've just installed WebWork2, but now what? I don't see anything in the instructions about what to do in MySQL after creating the webwork database and the webworkread and webworkwrite users. Additionally, am I supposed to follow these instructions:

There are scripts mentioned in these instructions that aren't in my installation. Might someone be able to point me to a set of clear instructions that apply to the current release of WebWork?

Help! Matt

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userMichael Gage - Re: Databases for new installation?  blueArrow
8/3/2006; 5:43:19 PM (reads: 212, responses: 0)
Hi Matt,

Look at the document at

the one you are looking at is rather out of date I'm afraid. (I've added a note to that effect on that page.)

You are probably ready to start somewhere around "check module dependencies" or "configure webwork".

Let us know how this goes.

Take care,


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userMichael Gage - Re: Databases for new installation?  blueArrow
8/3/2006; 6:05:35 PM (reads: 216, responses: 0)
Hi Michael, Thanks for your message. I've been following the instructions at the URL you just sent. I think I've done everything on that page and have a running server at:

I think I'm ready to set up courses, but I have no idea how to do so. The webpage at:

seems to have something to do with creating courses, but it doesn't say anything about populating MySQL databases. It seems like I need to make some tables in the webwork MySQL database for courses to work, but I don't see any instructions about doing so.

Thanks, Matt

To initialize the database see: on the page above.

then create the admin course as on this page:

You don't actually have to create the tables for a course by hand -- that is done automatically when you create a course. Only the admin course has to be created from the command line -- after that it is probably easier to use the web interface.

There is also a more detailed, step by step installation procedure at

-- this is meant specifically for the SuSE flavor of unix, but many of the steps are the same or similar on other unix flavors.

Hope this helps.


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