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Rich Winkel - Installation Configuration Frustration

Rich Winkel - Installation Configuration Frustration

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicInstallation Configuration Frustration topic started 8/3/2006; 5:44:02 PM
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userRich Winkel - Installation Configuration Frustration  blueArrow
8/3/2006; 5:44:02 PM (reads: 189, responses: 2)
Hi, I just installed WW 2.2.1 under apache 1.3.27 running on freebsd 4.11. For the life of me I can't seem to make sense of what paths/urls to use in global.conf and webwork.apache.config. I've tried every permutation I can think of and I still get errors in the apache log.

Here's my setup. The top level directory is /usr/www/webwork. Underneath I see directories like courses, htdocs and conf.

In the current iteration, in /usr/www/webwork/conf/global.conf I have:


$webwork_url = "/webwork";

$pg_dir = "/usr/www/pg";

$webwork_htdocs_url = "/webwork/htdocs";

$webwork_htdocs_dir = "$webwork_dir/htdocs";

$webwork_courses_url = "/webwork/courses";

$webwork_courses_dir = "$webwork_dir/courses";


In webwork.apache-config I have:

my $webwork_dir = "/usr/www/webwork";

But when I go to the URL ..../webwork, in the logs I see:

[Thu Aug 3 16:39:13 2006] [error] [client] [/webwork/htdocs/css/math.css] Course 'htdocs' not found: No such file or directory at /usr/www/webwork/lib/ line 208.

I'm probably being dense, but can someone tell me where I went wrong?


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userMichael Gage - Re: Installation Configuration Frustration  blueArrow
8/3/2006; 7:40:36 PM (reads: 262, responses: 0)
$webwork_htdocs_url = "/webwork/htdocs";

This should probably be

$webwork_htdocs_url = "/webwork_files";


$webwork_courses_url = "/webwork/courses";

$webwork_courses_url = "/webwork_course_files";

Try that and see. If it works you can start experimenting with different urls if you want.

I think what is happening is that the /webwork segment is capturing /webwork/courses which is not what you want. /webwork is sent to the WeBWorK script not to a directory.

-- Mike

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userSam Hathaway - Re: Installation Configuration Frustration  blueArrow
8/3/2006; 9:15:15 PM (reads: 259, responses: 0)
Usually the defaults for the URLs are appropriate:


$webwork_url         = "/webwork2";
$webwork_htdocs_url = "/webwork2_files";
$webwork_courses_url = "/webwork2_course_files";

These three values are used in webwork.apache-config to define the locations used in a <Location> block, an Alias directive, and an AliasMatch directive.

Unless the default URLs are already in use on your server, there should be no need to change those.

I noticed you have your webwork2 and pg directories installed in /usr/www. Is that a web-accessible directory? Those directories should not be web accessible. This is not like a PHP app, where you drop the entire source tree into your DocRoot -- only specific directories are exposed, and that is controlled by webwork.apache-config and the url and dir variables mentioned above. If you expose other directories, for example the DATA or courses directories, privileged data are made web-accessible.

The installation manual suggests installing the webwork2 and pg directories in /opt.

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