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Steven Xiao - Lost Scores.

Steven Xiao - Lost Scores.

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inactiveTopicLost Scores. topic started 9/12/2006; 11:51:25 AM
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userSteven Xiao - Lost Scores.  blueArrow
9/12/2006; 11:51:25 AM (reads: 213, responses: 1)
Hello, everyone,

We are running Webwork 2.0.1 on RHEL 4. It has been running for quite a while and it was running great. But yesterday, with one new course of this semester, something weird happened.

From the log file /opt/webwork2/courses/THIS_COURSE_ID/logs/answer_log, we can see that some students did their homework a couple of days ago. But their answers are not in the database while some other students' answers are there!

We noticed that there were some disk space problem earlier yesterday morning due to the huge log files/tmp files. Could that be the problem? It seems that we can find all the responses from the answer_log file. Is there a tool to import their answers to the database?

Any suggestion would be appreciated.


Steven Xiao

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userMichael Gage - Re: Lost Scores.  blueArrow
9/12/2006; 8:59:13 PM (reads: 295, responses: 0)
It could be the problem -- I'm not sure what mysql does if it runs out of disk space and can't accept new data.

We don't have a tool built for importing answers. The webwork2/bin/wwsh utility

is a shell that allows you to run lowlevel database commands (e.g. the commands in DB) but it would take some work to craft a script that would insert answers in the right place.

You'll need to determine whether it is worth it or not. If the number of students is not large, then either an extension or marking the answers to certain questions correct for everyone might solve the problem. (You can do the latter on the homework sets editor page.)

I'm assuming that the behavior of dropped answers has ceased now that there is sufficient disk space. ? You can let me know what you decide to do and I'll help where I can.

-- Mike

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