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strange error when acting as student

strange error when acting as student

by Andrew Knightly -
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When I view a particular problem
(I don't think the problem itself is relevant here, but just in case)
as a particular student, I get the following error:

Warning messages

Error in Translator.pm::process_answers: Answer ArRaY1__0:0:0__: |2|

Not a CODE reference at [PG]/lib/AnswerHash.pm line 545

Died within AnswerEvaluator::evaluate called at line 1 of (eval 7872)

Error in Translator.pm::process_answers: Answer ArRaY1__0:0:0__:

Answer evaluators must return a hash or an AnswerHash type, not type || at /opt/webwork/pg/lib/WeBWorK/PG/Translator.pm line 1161

At first I thought there was a bug in the problem, so I gave her a different seed which I know is error-free. But she still gets the error. (She sees the error, and I see the error only when acting as her.)

I gave her old seed to myself, but I get no error when acting as me.

Her other problems work just fine- just this one problem (with any seed) and just for this one student as far as I know.

Any comments would be most appreciated.
(Meanwhile I just gave her credit for the problem since she actually did it correctly although it won't evaluate her answer and it won't show the correct answer.)

I'm a little worried that the classlist may be slightly corrupted still (see my previous post in this forum).

Many thanks,
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Re: strange error when acting as student

by Davide Cervone -
I'm wondering if the stored answer from a previous attempt at the problem might be the culprit. (The Answer ArRaY1__0:0:0__: |2| suggests to me that 2 is the answer in one of the answer blanks, and that might somehow be the source of the problem.) You might be able to look at a previous problem in the set, change the "show saved answers" checkbox to "no" save the options, and then go on to the problem that has been giving the error. That might give you the chance to see the problem and enter new answers, clearing the difficulty with the stored ones.

Only a guess, but worth a try.

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Re: strange error when acting as student

by Andrew Knightly -
Thanks Davide,
I think you are partly right- I see no error when first viewing the problem, but when I try to submit an answer (even a correct one) it returns an error. I now suspect this is a problem library error rather than something more serious. So I'll just write a bug report.
Thanks again,