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Incorrect Gateway Scoring?

Incorrect Gateway Scoring?

by Louis Zulli -
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I created a gateway quiz that consists of 16 problems. One of these problems has a weight of 0, while each of the remaining 15 has a weight of 2. I took the quiz and correctly answered all parts of all problems. My score was recorded as 15 out of 16.

Shouldn't the recorded score be 30?

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Re: Incorrect Gateway Scoring?

by Gavin LaRose -
Hi Louis,

The current implementation of the GatewayQuiz module doesn't support weighted problems (that is, it assumes that all problems have weight one). The next release will, as it's on my list of things to add as I'm working on it now. So the recorded score "should" be out of 16. If you answered every question correctly, I'd expect the score to be 16/16, however, not 15/16. I'll have to see if I can duplicate this to see what's happening.

The issue of weighted problems in a GatewayQuiz doesn't appear in our use of the tests, so it ended up in the category of stuff I ignored and didn't come back to when I was first working on the module. Sorry about that.

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Re: Incorrect Gateway Scoring?

by Louis Zulli -
No big deal. I can multiply by 2 if I need to do so.

Here's what appeared at the top of the page after I clicked Grade Test. The 27 is weird.
I'm sure I answered each of the fifteen 2-point problems correctly. The other problem has weight 0.


Gateway Quiz QuizzamGateway
Your score on this test (number 2) is 27 / 16
Time taken: 2.45 min (allowed: 30)
Your score on this test was recorded.
Print Test
Your recorded score on this test is 15 / 16.