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WeBWorK events at Mathfest 2008 (Madison, WI)

WeBWorK events at Mathfest 2008 (Madison, WI)

by Michael Gage -
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We will have our traditional semi-annual WeBWorK get-together on the Terrace of the University of Wisconsin Memorial Student Union Friday evening, August 1, 2008 from 5:30pm until 7:30+...

The WeBWorK "Symposium", where we gather to eat, drink and discuss WeBWorK, is open to all. WeBWorK users, the WeBWorK curious and all friends are welcome. We will post this message on the message board at Mathfest along with any changes if necessary. If you wish a guide to the Student union someone will leave from the registration desk in the lobby of the Concourse Hotel at 5pm Friday.

Other events:

1. Earlier on Friday there will be a panel discussion of various experiences "Using On-line Homework in Mathematics Classes" (a variety of systems: WeBWorK, WebAssign, etc.) on Friday August 1, from 2:15--3:35 in Ballroom B, Monona Terrace. Panelists, Robin Cruz, College of Idaho; Karen Clark, The College of New Jersey; Andrew Bennett, Kansas State University and Maria Andersen, Muskegon Community College. Moderator: Mike Gage, U. of Rochester.

2. There will be a panel discussion on "The Role of Open Source Math Projects in the Mathematics Community" on Saturday, 3pm--4:20pm in Lecture hall, Monona Terrace. WeBWorK fits in this category and Mike Gage from the WeBWorK community will be on the panel.