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WeBWorK Live DVD Installaton Disk Available

WeBWorK Live DVD Installaton Disk Available

by Arnold Pizer -
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A iso image of a fully functioning WeBWorK 2.4 system is available for download and burning onto a DVD.

After installing from the WeBWorK Live DVD which only requires a few steps, you will have a full fledged Ubuntu 8.04 system with WeBWorK, Apache2, MySQL, etc. installed and configured. If your network uses DHCP, networking will be automatically configured for your system. If your network uses static IP addresses, you will have to configure networking.

It is imperative that you CHANGE THE PASSWORDS for the OS users root and ubuntu (which has sudo privileges) and also for the WeBWorK users admin and ubuntu which have professor privileges. The only other thing that really needs to be set is your school's smtpServer (email server).

For instructions on how to obtain and set up the disk image see