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Webconference: Wed. Mar 10 5pm EST - Aaron Wangberg on WeBWorK modifications enabling personalized practice, tutorials, and post-tests

Webconference: Wed. Mar 10 5pm EST - Aaron Wangberg on WeBWorK modifications enabling personalized practice, tutorials, and post-tests

by Jason Aubrey -
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Hi All,

This is an invitation to attend another web-conference discussing subjects pertaining to WeBWorK. This one will take place this Wednesday March 10 at 5pm EST.

This week Aaron Wangberg of Winona State University will join us to discuss his interesting work with WeBWorK. A title and abstract are below.

Title: WeBWorK modifications enabling personalized practice, tutorials, and post-tests

Abstract: We've modified WeBWorK to create a system which provides students with personalized practice sets and post-tests based on pre-test results. In addition, we've incorporated a separate "whiteboard" flash applet into the homework interface. This whiteboard can record student work, provide communication between student and instructor, and replay interactive tutorials when so triggered by incorrect concepts. We've supplemented the WeBWorK database with two other databases and web reporting tools to provide statistics on student performance and practice behavior. We use the system to test Calculus students on 84 different pre-Calculus concepts, and I'll show how the system works.

Instructions for joining the meeting are below.

We hope to make web-conferences at this Wednesday 5pm time a regular event -- scheduled every two weeks. (And we would love to have volunteers for presenters/discussion leaders.) You can find recordings of some previous web-conferences, resources for those web-conferences, and the announcements of future web-conferences on the WeBWork wiki at

If you are interested in joining read the information on connecting at the bottom of the page. It is worthwhile running the check to make sure that you have the necessary software. It takes only a few minutes to make the check.

The purpose of the web conferences would be to help maintain continuity of the WeBWorK community and WeBWorK development between meetings that take place at the Joint Math Meetings, Mathfest and specialized workshops.

If you are interested and have time we hope that you will join us for this session.

It will be good to talk with each of you again. Feel free to forward this announcement to others who might be interested in attending.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Hope to see you there!

Information for connecting to the web-conference

To access the meeting go to:

You can then login as a guest just by entering your name in the guest
login box. A few tips to make things run smoothly:

*If this is your first web-conference, it may be worthwhile to log in
5-10 minutes early, and I can help you get your audio set up (this is
usually the hardest part for first time participants. It's not
difficult to do, but occasionally some configuration is required.)

*I recommend accessing the meeting from a relatively fast wired,
rather than wireless, connection.

*For audio, a headset tends to work best, but whatever you use, please
make sure your computer's settings for audio in and audio out
correspond to what you expect to use.

*To make sure you computer has the necessary software to go

(You should be able to use any operating system for which adobe
produces a compatible flash player)

*It isn't necessary to have a web-cam, but Adobe Connect supports them
if you do have them.

Feel free to forward this to others who might be interested.