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WeBWorK in Middle School and below

WeBWorK in Middle School and below

by Arnold Pizer -
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Here is an update from Ken Appel on the work he has been doing with WeBWorK on the high school, middle school and grade school levels.


Since I have not regularly reported from the course administration page, I will let you know about activity this fall.

I was asked by a mathematics coordinator in the Oyster River school district in Durham NH to set up WeBWorK courses for all classes in grades 3-8 of two grade schools and the middle school. The initial interest is in preparation for the NECAP exams, but I hope to hook additional teachers into regular use of our unh school library problems.

I was asked by Dover Middle School to set up WeBWorK introduction courses for the teachers of each grade from 5-8. The initial use is for NECAP preparation, but I hope to add to the one enthusiastic user from last year of WeBWorK for regular work.

I think that I now have a second teacher for regular WeBWorK usage at Massabesic Middle School in East Waterboro, Maine.

Thus, about 1000 students may be exposed to WeBWorK in computer labs and whiteboards and on their home computers.