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most current version

most current version

by Hal Sadofsky -
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I'm confused about the current version.

The MAA download page (http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Download) says the most current version is 2.4.5.

But we seem to have version 2.4.7 of both pg and WeBWorK, and there are indeed release notes for that version on the MAA wiki (but I can't see release notes for anything beyond that).

So I'm guessing we have the current version. However an instructor wants to be using Davide's contextArbitraryString, which isn't in our macros subdirectory of our pg directory.

Does that mean we don't have the most current version? Or maybe we do have the most current release and it doesn't include contextArbitraryString.pl.

In that case, I suppose I could just grab a copy of the file and put it in the macros directory, but I'd like to understand what is going on here.

thanks, Hal
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Re: most current version

by Jason Aubrey -
Hi Hal,

Yes, the most current stable version is 2.4.7 (obtained by checking out the rel-2-4-patches branch). I'll update the wiki.

However, contextArbitraryString.pl is only in the trunk, not in the rel-2-4-patches branch. It will be in the new stable release branch which will be created soon from the trunk.

If you have already switched to svn, then you can change to trunk as follows:
  • from webwork2/ do
    svn switch http://svn.webwork.maa.org/system/trunk/webwork2
  • from pg/ do
    svn switch http://svn.webwork.maa.org/system/trunk/pg
If svn gives any objections do the same command but with "svn force switch." When the new stable release branch is created, it will be the current trunk with perhaps minor modifications (and Mike is currently recommending people who want some of the new features make this switch). When that branch is created you can switch to it using similar commands.

Hope this helps,

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Re: most current version

by Hal Sadofsky -

Dear Jason,

Thank for the information, that was both helpful and informative.

Now I'm ignorant about the development model. I'm considering whether it is worth moving to the trunk before our term starts (first day of classes here is 9/27.

I'll happily hear opinions on the following: given that we are using 2.4.7, how likely are we to experience breakage of some kind (including with homework problems) moving to the trunk? Are other big installations (we'll have something like 50-60 courses this term and about 2000 students) using the trunk happily and stably?

thanks, Hal