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New Orleans meeting

New Orleans meeting

by Nandor Sieben -
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There are a few topics that I think would be
nice to hear about on the meeting. I expect some
of these would come up on a workshop.

- Comparison of webwork with the competition webassign, mymathlab etc.

- What to do if an error is found in a problem? How to report the error or submit a corrected version?

- How to keep a webwork system and problem library
up to date.

- What is the easiest way to install a new webwork server?

- How to extend the national problem library?

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Re: New Orleans meeting

by Jason Aubrey -
Hi Nandor,

Thanks for your post. I'd like to encourage others coming to the workshop to also post here and let us know topics you're interested in hearing about and we'll do our best to fit in what we can in addition to our planned activities.

See you in New Orleans!
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Re: New Orleans meeting

by Dick Lane -
- Comparison ...
I discussed several other systems during a recent colloquium and my augmented notes at  http://lennes.math.umt.edu/wats/  have related links  [suggestions for extra stuff, and corrections, are beseeched].

- ...  if an error ...
I too would welcome a comparison of our alternatives, e.g., between the "Report ..." button in lower-left on a pink screen and using Bugzilla (http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Bugzilla).

- ... easiest way to install ...
After several years starting from scratch under SuSE, I have had good results beginning with the Ubuntu LiveDVDs
plan to experiment with
and I also track the current version of

FWIW: while installing any software involving more than a few steps, I keep notes on a separate computer (my iBook laptop).

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Re: New Orleans meeting

by Dick Lane -
0) I posted some questions about "timing of online assignments" to the Main Forum.

1) Do the courses to be used during a Demo Workshop have a roster with recorded work on some assignments (one closed, one still open) so that a participant can explore several ways to examine statistics about individual student and aggregate class performance?

2) Which articles of http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Category:Instructors should novice instructors study first? What new articles should be added?

3) What help should a consultant provide during a novice's first week? first month?

4) What major questions have been asked by participants in the October or November demo workshops (during or afterwards)? Brief summaries from a consultant at each of those workshops would be useful.

5) Although I am very unclear about the intended balance between demo and tutorial for the initial workshop, I think it would be useful to begin design of a followup workshop with a variety of tutorials.

6) What is the interest in scripting and recording brief demonstrations using tools such as Camtasia or ProfCast?
(FWIW: it took me about 2 hours to script, revise, record, re-record (etc^{high power}) a 3-minute demo of logging-in and changing password for a first WeBWorK session using Camtasia Relay. By the time it was posted to iTunesU, it was superfluous. I am more optimistic about the value:effort ratio for subsequent attempts.)