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Mac flash drive question

Mac flash drive question

by Bill Farr -
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At the New Orleans meeting, there was interest in setting
up a flash drive containing weBWorK that could be used
on a Mac. I agreed to look at this, since I have experience
setting up WW on a Macs.

I've made some progress. I currently have a "working"
system on a flash drive. There are some issues that
I need to work on, including the following.

1. Making startup and shutdown of WeBWorK easy
for the non-technically inclined. My current thinking is
to use AppleScript for this, but I haven't tested it yet. An
alternative would be to set up the flash drive as a boot
drive, but that isn't my current plan.

2. Setting up a local wireless network. I haven't tried this
yet, mainly because I don't have a router, but I don't
think this will be that hard to do.

3. I haven't installed TeX/LaTeX on the flash drive yet.
My current setup uses MathJax for on-screen display,
so this works on a Mac that doesn't have TeX installed.
Hardcopy is currently set up to use the MacTeX which I
have installed on my hard drive.

I would welcome comments/suggestions from the community.

Specifically, do most of the Mac users also
have MacTeX installed? If so, this makes my job a little simpler.